Genres Combine: Turnover headlines eclectic lineup at the Wonder

This week, the Wonder Ballroom filled with lo-fi synths, hardcore, and dreamy pop as Turnover’s headlining tour rolled into Portland.

Opening up the show was a set unlike any other. To say that Portland’s own Reptaliens was an experience would be an understatement. Their self-proclaimed “nightmare pop” combines drippy and distorted lo-fi synths, 80s flair, and lyrics ranging from dark cult kidnappings and alien abductions to alternate realities and personal connections. The band is on tour in support of their new album, VALIS, released the day after their Portland show.

But, a Reptaliens show is truly something you must see to believe. Along with their interesting take on the dream pop genre came their eye-catching look. A hazy, dream-like fog was the band’s backdrop for their pastel lights and odd costumes. One band member donned a flowing white cape and eyeball mask to start the show, then changed to an alien mask and suit (the latter of which came off in a #AlienStrip), an Einstein-esque wig, and even a dinosaur mask, all with a maraca or tambourine in hand.

In a full 180° switch, Turnstile‘s east-coast hardcore punk took the stage next. Not even a minute into the band’s first song, the moshing and crowd surfing was in full force. Full of passion and excitement, the band jumped around on stage with seemingly endless energy and the crowd followed suit.

Closing out the night in another stark genre switch was the dreamy pop of Turnover. Soothing guitars and airy vocals filled the ballroom as the band played all of the fan favorites and more. Though the band has surely changed sound throughout their nearly decade-long career, evolving from a more pop-punk vibe to their current softer sound, their set was still as captivating as ever.

Check out the gallery below with all of the action from the show!